Friday, 3 May 2019


Sudanese finance & business newspapers online, news sites, news agencies, and magazines

In this post, you will discover a list of top best Sudanese newspapers, news sites, news portals, news agencies and magazines featuring sports, history, politics, health, education, jobs, business, entertainment, and more.

Founded in 1999, is an online bilingual newspaper for people from Sudan and South Sudan. Its main focus has been the political and socio-economic climate in Sudan. Sudanese Online has been premier news and view resources as well and blogs for Sudanese in the diaspora.

03. Alnilin

05. Alintibaha

06. Sudaress

Launched on January 20, 2013, Sudars is a Sudanese website that offers a unique news service. collects news and articles from twenty six Sudanese newspapers, categorizes them, then ranks them according to their importance.

07. Arabic Media

08. Sudanile

09. Sudanas

10. Sudan Elite

11. Gurtong

12. Alsudani

13. Sudani Net

14. Sudanow MG

15. Sudan News Agency

16. Aljareeda

17. Akhir Lahza

18. Akhbar Al Youm

19. Altaghyeer

20. Assayha

21. Cover

22. Sudan View

23. Sudan Way

24. Sudanese Media Center

25. Sudan Times

26. Sudan News Gazette

27. Sudan News

28. Sudan JEM

29. Sudan Commerce News

30. Sudan Akhbar

31. SNN News

32. Sada Alahdas

33. Rakoba News

34. Kush News

35. Khartoum Today

36. Khartoum Post

37. Khartoum Electronic Media Center

38. Baj News

39. Al Sudaniya

40. Al Sudan Al Youm

41. Al Ttaher

42. Al Tareeq

43. Al Howsh

44. Al Hamish Voice

45. Al Ahdath

46. Radio Dabanga

47. Ashorooq - TV

48. Google News - Sudan

49. Sudan Motion

50. Radio Tamazuj

51. Middle East Economic Digest - Sudan

52. Tetube

53. Vokes and Elsheikh Tiab

54. Al Bawaba

55. Al Sadda

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