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Here you will get a list of Tonga newspapers, news sites, news media, news portals, news agencies and magazines featuring sports, education, politics, history, jobs, health, business, entertainment and more.

05. Matangi Tonga Online

Launched in 1986, Matangi Tonga Online is Tonga’s leading news website. Vava’u Press Limited, a Tongan registered publishing company, published Matangi Tonga Online. It offers high-quality independent news and reliable news, media services, news archives, videography, photography, graphic design, advertising, and book publishing. connects with readers globally. The news website covered Tonga since 1986. By introducing a Mobile First responsive website design, It provides multiple device user experiences and in 2014 has increased its regional user base by over 70%.

06. Planet Tonga

07. Loop

08. Nepituno

09. SIBC

10. Kaniva Tonga

11. Commonwealth - TO

12. BBC News - Tonga country profile

13. Press Reference - Tonga

14. Wikipedia - Tonga

15. Guardian - Tonga

16. Humanitarian - Tonga

17. Infoplease - Tonga

18. Reliefweb - Tonga

19. Guardian Travel - TO

20. NY Times - Tonga

21. Telegraph Travel - Tonga

22. Encyclopedia - Tonga

23. Britannica - Tonga

24. Ministry of Information & Communications

25. Government of the Kingdom of Tonga

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